What is a Sexual Wellness Routine?

Woman in bed wearing pink pjs

I recently gave an interview to Bonafide in my role as Tabu’s medical advisor about how to keep our sex life thriving as we age. You may not believe it, but your 50s (and well beyond) have the potential to be the hottest time of your life if you’re willing to experiment and keep at it. In the article, I discuss the difference between spontaneous and responsive desire, how and why to establish a sexual…

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Experiencing painful sex? Here’s a must-read article

women expieriencing pain wihile sitting in bed

I love this recently posted article in the HuffPost about a woman’s menopausal journey. She delayed seeking help from a pelvic health physical therapist for quite some time, but she finally made the call when her sexual life continued to suffer with increasing pain and low libido. Her story is quite common, and it is usually like a menopausal woman having vaginal symptoms of dryness, a change in arousal and satisfaction, and painful intercourse (to…

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