What is a Sexual Wellness Routine?

Woman in bed wearing pink pjs

I recently gave an interview to Bonafide in my role as Tabu’s medical advisor about how to keep our sex life thriving as we age. You may not believe it, but your 50s (and well beyond) have the potential to be the hottest time of your life if you’re willing…

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Experiencing painful sex? Here’s a must-read article

women expieriencing pain wihile sitting in bed

I love this recently posted article in the HuffPost about a woman’s menopausal journey. She delayed seeking help from a pelvic health physical therapist for quite some time, but she finally made the call when her sexual life continued to suffer with increasing pain and low libido. Her story is…

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Menopause, Intimate Wellness, and Nutrition Webinar Workshop – May 12th 6pm

Webinar graphic May 12, 2022

Thurs, May 12th – 6:00-7:30 pm PT via Zoom  |  Cost:  $25  |  Register here This one-hour webinar workshop will be packed with important information and strategies for women dealing with menopause symptoms, intimate health, and nutrition issues. The agenda includes: Nutrition habits that lead to hormone imbalances and recommendations…

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Post-partum: Your body after birth

A new mother holding a baby

I have been a pelvic rehab physical therapist for 17 years now. It has been exciting to see this specialized area of physical therapy grow with more research and education opportunities for physical therapists to treat pelvic conditions. What I am still amazed at frankly, is that there continues to…

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How Holiday Stress Can Impact the Pelvic Floor

holiday stress and pelvic health

Was the last time you slept well was weeks ago? Feeling anxious and unfocused? There are a number of ways in which holiday stress (perhaps enhanced by the pandemic) can manifest itself, changing your body, mood, and behaviors. It might surprise you to learn how this stress and anxiety can…

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